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December 28 2012

I've been hacked

Sorry for the unsolicited email. My email account got hacked. Dang!

Happy New Year.


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December 04 2012

The Heart & Soul of your Non-Profit for a Chance To Win $10,000


If you're like most people who work at nonprofits, you’re inspired by quietly changing the world each and every day. But sometimes it's not easy to stay inspired - especially because you're a human being with good days and bad days!

Re-inspire your sense of mission by participating in the Heart & Soul grant

The CTK Foundation has just launched the 2012/2013 Heart & Soul Grants, with over $55,000 to assist nonprofits like yours in accomplishing your mission. But, more important than the money is the process for applying, which is unlike any other grant program!

How do you apply for these grants?

All you have to do is submit a 4-8 line poem expressing the heart of your mission at www.communitytech.net (orgs must be US-based 501 c3s). The intent behind submitting a poem is for you to refresh, nurture and reawaken your sense of mission! The Grant Application opens today (12 noon CST on 12/3/12) and closes at 12 noon CST on 1/7/13. The Heart and Soul grant will provide one eligible nonprofit organization to receive the main award:

  • A $10,000 cash and
  • A professionally written and recorded song by the Grammy Award-winning group, The Original Blind Boys of Alabama.

Both the song and the accompanying $10,000 grant will help the selected nonprofit to better accomplish their unique mission in their community. If you have questions about the grant, please see the FAQ page on the Heart & Soul site.

Additional 2012/2013 Heart & Soul Grants include:

  • $10,000 HHS Grant — available to an Austin, TX-area nonprofit specializing in the provision of At Risk Children and Families — a gift from the Cipione Family Foundation of Austin, TX
  • Two $5,000 Grant Awards to 2 US Nonprofits
  • Five $1,000 Grant Awards to Community TechKnowledge, Inc. customer organizations attending the 2013 Outcomes Immersion Certification Training
  • $20,000 in matching cash grants to nonprofits for CTK software purchases
  • Three autographed guitars: one by The Original Blind Boys of Alabama, one by Los Lonely Boys, and one by Sunny Shipley

What is the CTK Foundation?

The CTK Foundation was established by Community TechKnowledge, Inc., to recognize and celebrate the work nonprofits do and seek to promote the use of technology in managing the accomplishment of their mission. For regular updates or questions about the Heart & Soul grant submissions and awards, check out the CTK Facebook Page.

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November 12 2012

October 12 2012

Fired up! Ready for Joe! #VPdebates

Looking forward to seeing the Vice Presidential debates. Give'm hell Joe!


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September 14 2012

Most Memorable Moment at the Democratic National Convention #DNC2012


There were so many memorable moments that happened at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina.  

The one that stood out for me that touched my heart was the salute to our military troops and military families. At the convention, rally signs are passed out to the delegates on the floor before the speeches. Rally signs that read "Fired up!" or "Stronger Education. Stronger Economy" or "Middle Class First" or "1.1 Million Auto Jobs Saved."

During the video to honor our armed forces, rally signs were handed out. However, this time when the lights came back on and revealed a small group of military personnel on stage, everyone, and I mean everyone (delegates on the convention floor to the guests sitting in the nosebleed seats) held up a sign that simply said "Thank You." I was speechless.

As a military veteran, I will forever remember that moment at the Democratic National Convention when America said "Thank You" to the men, women and families who sacrificed for our country. 

What was your most memorable moment at the Democratic National Convention?

Noland Hoshino



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August 09 2012

In 28 days "I'm There" #DNC2012

Getting excited to attend the 2012 Democratic National Convention as national delegate for Washington State. 

Submitting my "I'm There" photo for the DNC digital campaign to promote the event http://www.demconvention.com/ill-be-there-will-you/ Of course, I had to do something different by using my mobile phone as a sign.(rather than printing a piece of paper).

That's how I roll!



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July 01 2012

June 22 2012

June 14 2012

Putting things together for a presentation at #NCVS in Chicago next week


Noland Hoshino Co-founder & Social Good Marketing Strategist
360.607.4462 | noland@bcausemedia.com
Bcausemedia.com & SMObooks.com

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June 05 2012

May 27 2012

I've done my part (my military tags), now you do yours...Never forget #MemorialDay


   (Photo: My original military dog tags)

This Memorial day (and everyday) never forget those who have laid their lives for YOU America. Honor those who have fallen and thank the vets who have served.

- Noland Hoshino


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May 21 2012

How to Become a Delegate for the Democratic National Convention (Part 2)


 Continued From Part I: How I Became a National Delegate for the Democrats

After receiving tons of letters from my fellow delegates for my vote to become a National Delegate at the Democratic National Convention,  I knew right away I wasn't going to use the same approach.

There were over 100+ delegates in our congressional district competing for 6 delegate seats. If I marketed myself the same way I added up the cost:

(100 x $.42 stamp) + (Cost of paper) + (Cost of time) = A lot of money

Plus, if some of my fellow delegates were like me, who didn't read a single letter, then it was money wasted.  

In order to stand out in the crowd you need to be creative and unique with a message that resonates.

As I walked into the Congressional District Caucus hall there was a line of people on each side of the doorway. People were handing out their biographies as people were walking in.  I couldn't help thinking "Would these people want to be treated the same way?" Once I passed the sea of paper being shoved at me I sat down. On the table there were more biographies of my fellow delegates. Aren't Democrats eco-friendly? 

Then, no more than 20 seconds people started to come up to me and asking for their vote (while giving me more paper).  

A few people asked for my biography and I said that I didn't have one, "That's not how I roll." Boy, did I get strange looks, like, "good luck with that approach buddy." I said, "I'm doing something different and unique."

It was time for the delegates to give their 2-minute speeches as to why they were the best qualified candidate to go to the National Democratic Convention.

Here's what I did to get elected as a National Delegate:

1.  Google Me. Instead of sending out letters, I made a sign (cost $7.95) that resembled a Google search web page.  I showed my fellow delegates how they can validate my credentials and learn about me by using the Internet.   

2. Focus on Current Issues. During my speech I talked about President Obama's support for marriage equality. With his support, a line in the sand has been clearly marked. Either you reelect the President and stand on the right side of history to ensure every person in America has the same rights, or you support the Republican's view of "One man, one woman" discriminatory policies.

3. Take a Stand. Speech after speech from the previous caucuses I kept hearing "I've been a Democrat for X-number of years." So what?  I've liked Sour Patch Kids candy for 25 years. Does that give me the right to go to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory? No. Tell me what you're for...what you're passionate about...what causes fuels your fire.  Dwelling on the past doesn't give you a golden ticket to the convention.

4. Got Skills? Tell your audience what skills you have to help move the agenda forward. I'd want to know if you're an asset or a bystander. Since I run a social communications agency I highlighted my social media networking skills that will keep people informed on current issues and help the president's message travel across the country.

They selected 6 delegates to go to nationals. I was one of them.

The bottom line is...If you want to stand out in a crowd you don't have to be better at the game, you have to be different. This applies to everything you do in life. Step outside of the box and take risks. Playing it safe and doing things because" that's the way it's always been done" will stall your quest to reach your goals.  

I want to thank everyone who voted for me. I especially want to thank Bryan for his support.

This is a huge honor. I'm excited to help our President get reelected and move America FORWARD.

Noland Hoshino


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How I Became a National Delegate for the Democrats


  Yahoo! I was voted by my peers to be a National Delegate at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina to support our president for reelection. Holy cow! How did this happen?

Like, most people I got really involved in politics during the historic 2008 presidential campaign.  At that time the United States was still involved in two wars and the economy was taking a sharp dive downward due to Bush Administration policies. There was no way I could sit on my hands and not be involved in shaping America's future. (Don't get me started on people who complain about their problems and don't do nothing about them).

That year I became a delegate for Hilary Clinton. It was a learning experience in the delegate selection process (more about this later).  I went as far as becoming a District Delegate and lost out during the Congressional District delegate selection.

Between 2008 and 2012 I would continue to educate myself on the issues and politics. I would visit the Huffington Post and Politico websites at least 6-times a day.  Watch CNN and occasional Fox News (to see what the other stations were talking about) daily. I wouldn't begin my Sunday chores until after I watched NBC "Meet the Press" and ABC "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."  I wasn't becoming a political junkie, but a concerned citizen of the United States.

I decided that I had to get involved with the 2012 presidential reelection campaign because there are so many issues that needs to be resolved. If the other side wins, I truly believe we will be going backwards and not forward towards prosperity and hope in America.

In April 2012 I went to our Precinct Caucus and became a Precinct Delegate. The turnout was so low that anyone who showed up became a delegate.

At the end of April, I advanced to the next level and competed in the Legislative District Caucus. There, you had to stand amongst your peers of your district and state your case why you'd be a good representative for the Congressional District Caucus. I did my speech and I was voted to go to the next level.

Heading to the next level is a little bit trickier because you have two paths to go to the Democratic National Convention. You can either be voted to become a National Delegate at the Congressional District Caucus or at the State Convention.

I was determined to make it all the way to nationals.

Prior to going to the Congressional District Caucus I asked a few Democratic veterans who have been through the vetting process if they had any tips. They told me the same thing "Sell yourself like a politician." I was told I needed to butter up to the other delegates to vote for me. I should write personal letters and call them for their support. Yada, yada, yada. I wasn't going to do that. It's not my style. Three days before the caucus our mailbox started to fill up with letters from other delegates asking for my vote and support. It felt like an explosion of SPAM email but it was SPAM mail. I didn't read a single letter.

Using old school marketing tactics to engage with the next generation voters isn't going to work. You need be creative and unique while communicating and engaging in social media channels that they use.

To be continued...




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May 19 2012

May 09 2012

They're here..... #SMObooks

Just got our new SMO books "Social Media Road Map" today and we are SUPER EXCITED! For anyone who needs to create a social media strategy for yourself, business or organization -- this SMO is for you.

Order now at SMObooks.com




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April 27 2012

April 25 2012

April 18 2012

April 11 2012

April 05 2012

Putting the pieces together for the next SMO Book

SMO (Social Media Optimization) Book "Social Media Road Map." It's a guide to develop a social media strategy for you and your business. Available May 2012 at SMObooks.com and Amazon.com

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